Sunday, November 22, 2009

Well where to's been a busy couple weeks, which is why a post didn't happen last week! I can tell Baby B is wearing me out and the countdown is on! I am still waiting for my nesting instincts to kick in, although I think Adam's started to kick in this week! He has been busy putting together the stroller, hanging pictures, organizing toys, etc. Now I just need to have my nesting instinct kick in and we'll be ready for Baby B to arrive:)

Last Sunday, I was blessed to have another amazing shower! Adam and I continue to be amazed by every one's generosity and kindness! Our shower was hosted by our friends Barb and Nancy who did a fabulous job! Tea, crumpets and books were the theme! See pix below:)

I had a blast looking through all the adorable items we received at the shower and can't wait to read all the amazing books we received to Baby B once he or she arrives! It was also fun for my mom and sisters to meet all my friends in Indy. In the short 2 plus years that I have lived here, I have met some of the most amazing people and I am so thankful for each and everyone of them!

This week, we also had our final ultra sound (so hard to believe)! I am 35 weeks and counting! We were hoping to get some updated pix of our little one, but of course it didn't happen! Baby B is nestled EXTREMELY tightly in my belly and it was hard to see much of Nicolivia at all! He/she is up into my ribs and standing is now becoming a chore:)

Adam and I continue to prepare for Baby B's arrival on December 7th! I only have 7 days left of work-ahhhh! My student teacher, Lauren, and I are starting to freak out, although I know my kiddos will be in the best hands once I leave! Lauren is doing amazing and I'm so relieved knowing she will be taking my place while I'm on maternity leave:)

Adam and I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday! We are looking forward to hosting the Burns' family, although I must admit, I'm not doing much of the cooking, but I'm sure I'll do plenty of eating..haha!

2 weeks to go and Baby B will always, thank you for all your love, support and prayers! We are truely blessed!!!

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