Tuesday, October 27, 2009

December 7th..Here We Come!

Wow..what a week! Not sure where to begin, so I'll just start by saying that my Parent Teacher Conferences are completed and went wonderfully! I have the sweetest class this year and their parents are equally as wonderful! I was excited to announce to the parents that my student teacher, Lauren, will be replacing me once I go on maternity leave! I am so excited to have Lauren take my place, she has been with me since the first day of school and does an excellent job, so hopefully it will be a smooth transition for everyone come December.

As far as our comedian in the family goes (who knew Adam possessed such humorous writing skills), he will be making a monthly appearance on our blog to provide some comic relief, I am not even going to try to compete!

After the crazy week of work, I was looking forward to a much needed Fall Break! It began on Friday, when Adam and I had our monthly doctor appointment and ultra sound. Baby B still did not want to cooperate and wouldn't let us get a good ultra sound picture..I guess he/she wants everything to be a surpise:) Our baby is already 3.3 pounds and is currently in the breeched position, which isn't such a big deal since I already knew I would have a C-section. However, we did get quite the surprise to find out that Baby B will make his/her arrival on DECEMBER 7!!! That is a week earlier than we expected, which means we have less than 6 weeks to go until we meet our little bundle!

After the exciting news on Friday afternoon, Adam and I drove to my parent's house in O'Fallon, MO for the weekend. Saturday my fabulous sisters, Julie and Jill and my amazing Aunt Sissy, hosted my first baby shower! I was overwhelmed by the generosity of all my family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the day! Check out the pictures below of my college friends who were able to attend the shower.

That evening, my friend Judi and Kim stayed in town and we were able to have some much needed girly time:) I can't believe it's the last time I'm going to see them before Baby B arrives!

On Sunday, we attended my adorable niece Isa's baptism! I haven't seen her since she was 3 days old! She is such a sweet baby:) I also was able to spend the day with the rest of my nieces and nephews (6 in all), which Adam and I both enjoyed. Adam, is of course, the FAVORITE uncle! He is the official jungle gym and he loves every minute:) We were also able to celebrate my sister Julie's birthday Sunday evening! We packed in every moment we could this weekend with family and celebrations!

After the busy weekend, Adam loaded up my dad's truck with all the goodies (thank goodness my dad let us borrow his truck, our little car didn't stand a chance)and we left early Monday morning to meet the Daryll and Laurie Hartig for breakfast. Their son, Jefferson, also has spina bifida and I was fortunate to teach him as well as his little brother, Jackson, several years ago when I taught in St. Louis. Daryll and Laurie were kind enough to take some time on Monday morning to tell us their story and share their experiences with us. Adam and I truely appreciated the time they took to meet with us and we hope to be able to inspire other people down the road the way they were able to for us. Jefferson is an amazing kid and I hope Adam and I can be as encouraging and loving to our baby as they have been to theirs.

Now if only we could decide on a name if Baby B is a boy.....we had a few new options for either a boy or a girl from the shower and they were........ Jerry Hubert (after the grandfathers), Pearl H. Arbor (since the baby will be born on Pearl Harbor Day) or Adaline Bohute (named after Adam and my parents lake house) .....I think those names were the most orginal! No worries....Baby B will not be tormented by those names... just possibly Parker, Nicholas or Noah and Olivia is still our choice for a girl!

Have a fabulous week and thank you all for your continued prayers! We are truely blessed!

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Rebecca said...

Hey guys!!! How exciting,just a few weeks to go. We can't wait to see little baby Burns. I can't wait to see if I need to buy a little girl Cubs outfit or little boy. Enjoy these last few weeks of being just a married couple. Cuz' as soon as he/she gets here your life is going to change for the very best. I don't think I will be making it over to Indy before your little one arrives so take care and maybe we can get together after the first of the year.

Love ya all,
Berries, Andy and Laney