Thursday, September 24, 2009

13 Weeks and Counting.....

Today we had our 27 week appointment. Everything went pretty well, except for the fact that I had to give blood (checking my gluecose level) and get 2 shots (which I hate)! The fun part today was that we had another ultrasound, but this time it was 3D. Adam and I were so amazed that we were able to see our baby so vividly. At this early stage, we think the baby resembles Adam, at least as far as the profile pix could show us! Baby B did not want to cooperate today and kept putting his/her hand over his/her face(no we are still not finding out...). Today we are thinking Baby B may be a boy, but give us a day and we'll change our mind to a girl. We really don't have a preference, we are just excited to meet our little bundle. They still are not sure when Baby B will be born, but for now, the doctors are thinking about 2 weeks early, but they have to wait to line up all the doctors before setting an offical date.

For those of you who are wondering about Fifths Disease (which I mentioned in my previous blog) I am in the clear, already been exposed, so all is well! I guess being a teacher for 11 years exposes you to things you didn't even know!

I also just got my camera back this week (whohoo) so paparazzi will be back in action! Expect some pix posted after this weekend!

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